CatLite Disposable Cat Litter Box
What's good about CatLite?
CatLite - disposable cat litter box!

About CatLite

Catlite is a disposable, natural cat litter box for up to 14 days. Just buy it, rip off the cover and it is ready for use.

Eco Litter Box LLC has come up with a fascinating new product for a cat loving modern family. Tired of cleaning after your cat after he/she has done a wee-wee? We present to You a new and innovative litter box, that keeps your household clean and cat happy. Your home has never smelled so fresh like a pine forest.

  • In every couple of days remove some of absorbed conifers with included scoop. It is so easy even your kid or grandma can do it.
  • You can throw used conifers anywhere: household garbage bin, flush down the toilet, to the garden. It’s completely biodegradable and odorless!
  • You don’t have to add anything while using it, so there no mess of sand in your home.
  • Instead of smells of cat urine, you will have a nice pine aroma in your household and you don't have to be embarrassed in front of your guests
  • The smells are held within highly absorbent conifers: 1L of pellet can hold up to 3L of liquids
CatLite - World's leading eco cat litter box
  • Eco: 100% pure conifer fibers
  • Compostable and 100% biodegradable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dramatically less waste
  • Very absorbable (1L of pellet absorbs up to 3L of liquid)
  • 2 foldable scoops included
  • Appropriate for kittens
  • No dust
  • No marks
  • No spill as you replace the whole unit
  • No need for disinfection
  • No bugs
  • No aflatoxin contamination
  • Does not stick to cat’s fur
  • No clumping chemicals added
  • No smell chemicals added
  • Natural wood odor
  • No noise
  • Top 10 shoppers list item


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France distributor

  • FRAREX (91570 Bièvres - France)
  • contact: Eric Barré +33 6 98 85 29 13

  • ECO LITTER BOX LLC · Kuuse 2, 60502 Lähte, Tartu county, Estonia